Critter Clip

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Close up

Easily attaches to any hinged lid trash can.


All required hardware is included.

Single hand release

Easily unclip with one hand.

Customer Testimonials

Quick delivery, great quality and install is extremely easy! Very happy with the clips, and even happier to not pick up trash left behind on the ground, by local critters. Would definitely recommend!

francis Beary

We won the war! These raccoons have been raiding our trashcan for a year. It was such a disgusting mess. I couldn’t put up with it any longer. After our last trash pickup I power washed the cans and installed the clips. These clips were easy to install and work great. Our trash is untouched!! But the cans are covered in paw prints so I know they’re trying. I had a question and the seller responded quickly.

Frances Bentley

They work amazing! We were having so many issues with a racoon we named Fat Gus. He was making our lives hell every night before trash day. Now, that lil bastard doesn't stand a chance! Haha

Marilyn Ramirez